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I play because . . .
I play because ... Share with us a creative review of your favorite game.
24 Jul 2016
Challenge begins | Submit as many works as you want | Share to win! The more you share the better off you are. 
Winner Selection
30 Nov 2016
No more works can be submitted.
Prizes and Rewards
9 Dec 2016
Winners are being announced and rewarded.
16 Dec 2016
Challenge ends, the winners are being published.


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Second prize

Third prize

Fourth prize

Fifth prize
More Info
Game reviews are often too long and boring. You can change it.
We are looking for authentic and concise game reviews with short videos!

Hey you, please let us know why you play your favorite game, so share a review with Grandyo and others. You can pick any game you love to play.

Grandyo is looking for an authentic, relevant and concise game review with short videos.

Challenge hashtag: #iplaybecause

We all know how easy it is to get hooked on a game as there are loads of cool games on different platforms. Share with us what you are playing and why.
Choose a game, prepare a review and spread out the word! Speak out your feelings and experience. Be authentic. Add relevant hashtags and a short video (max 20 seconds) to support your review. That’s all!


-Start asap. The first submissions are more likely to win. The more exposure, more votes.
-Connect with Grandyo also via Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
-Follow Challenge forum conversation on Grandyo.
-Share our challenge page with your buddies! Why? Because they vote for winners. (Use the channels where your friends are, now you can even share through Whatsapp!
-Feel free to use Grandyo colors (see assets)
-Mention relevant hashtags, music, fashion brands or other products that you associate with the game.
-If your work is a video, the review can be spoken. But still add the review also in a text document format.
- Pick any game that you love but keep in mind that less known games may not win because of less community votes. Please remember to share your favorite game on our Facebook. @grandyocom
- Use the Challenge HASHTAG: #iplaybecause

Here some massive titles that may help you to score:
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
No man's sky
Pokemon GO
Crossy Road
The Division
What else? You decide!

Winning criteria
Community Voice
The most voted reviews will win.
Text: .pdf
Video: .mp4, .avi, .vmw (max size 100MB)