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3d environment art, mobile art optimization, offline rendering
Fisherman's Kingdom
This was my entry for the Polycount Throne Room contest.

Story behind the work: A fisherman named Thomas lived on an small island. He was the only person in that huge sea area so naturally he felt himself like a king. That´s why he build a throne for him by just using an old rowing boat and a few meters of rope. He used to sit there and look over the sea. Thomas was a simple man that liked to fish and enjoy the nature. One day he left to fishing like he did every morning but he never returned. Since then the throne has been waiting it´s master to return.

3ds max, ZBrush, Unity 4.6, Photoshop, Xnormal, Substance Designer, ShaderForge for Unity
Posted 3 years ago
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Hey Kimmo and Welcome on Grandyo! Keep up posting great work. What was your feeling about the Polycount contest?
Posted 3 years ago

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