grandyo business

Grandyo business

Grandyo is all about user-generated (marketing) content created by loyal players. We offer a channel to communicate and collaborate with them through creative challenges. The developer and the player work seamlessly together to optimize the viral impact and boost the organic growth. That results in higher retention and new users.


How it works


Create and launch a creative campaign


Execute and manage the campaign


Selection of the winning content


Creators win, you win, new players win

Why grandyo?

New user acquisition is getting more challenging and expensive. New marketing channels and ideas are needed. Your existing players know the best where to find new high quality players who want to compete and show off their skills.

Grandyo opens a new channel to boost organic player base growth in an innovative, easy and fun way. That results in higher retention and relevant traffic with motivated new users.

Tapping into gamer insight and skills in a creative way forms also an important part of successful game development and promotion.


Buzz created by loyal players is not only the most natural, trusted, and sustainable way to market games but it also gives the longest reach.


Various player communities, player profiles and engagement level is both a threat and an opportunity. Through Grandyo you hit the target accurately and with a high impact.

Ideas and creativity

Player talent, creativity, and fresh ideas are very powerful factors to drive player participation in new user acquisition.

Who's playing the game?

Gamers are passionate. Gamers are loud. Gamers hang with fellow gamers. Empowering the gamers is a win-win-win.

grandyo stars

Grandyo Stars

Grandyo Stars are real influencers with a strong relationship with the game. Identify them among your gamers, become their fans, and empower them to promote your games

"There are thousands of unknown leaders, heroes for their alliances even nations. For us, before meeting Grandyo, finding those players was impossible. Now is easy to create new content and social events, and find the real social influencers amongst the players"

Imperia Online

"Grandyo gave us the opportunity to promote our game to an audience that would have otherwise passed it by. The artwork challenge showed us what the community can achieve through creativity and a passion for video games".

Badland Games