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Design A Gnarly Skateboard Deck
Don't bail on this once in a lifetime opportunity!
Send in your artwork on a skate deck to win some sick prizes.
9 Jun 2016
Challenge begins | Submit as many works as you want | Share to win! The more you share the better off you are. 
Winner Selection
8 Aug 2016
No more works can be submitted.
Prizes and Rewards
9 Aug 2016
Winners are being announced and rewarded.
10 Aug 2016
Challenge ends, the winners are being published.


First prize
OlliOlli gold coloured skateboard
OlliOlli: Epic Combo Edition

Second prize
Copy of OlliOlli: Epic Combo Edition

Third prize
Copy of OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood

More Info
Time to kickflip this into action!
Design and send in your very own artwork for a Skate Deck.

The boxed release of OlliOlli: Epic Combo Edition and OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood is coming this Summer 2016 to PS4. To celebrate its up and coming release we are inviting skaters, young/old, beginner/pro, new or current fans of the OlliOlli franchise, literally anyone to send in their creative prints on a skateboard deck.

Your design can be about anything! Literally anything RAD, (as long as it fits on the board and is tasteful) it doesn't even have to be about skateboarding.

To qualify for entry, applicants must SUBMIT their artwork to us & SHARE their artwork on social media and include the hashtags #OlliOlliCombo #OlliOlli2 @Roll7 @BadLandGamesINT along with the title of their artwork.


Have a look on the internet for inspiration on other skate board deck works.
Make your deck art personal. Something that describes who you are and what you like. it doesn't have to be about skateboarding.
Artwork should be presented on a skateboard deck. (See assets to download templates)
Winning criteria
Community voice: The winner of the competition is the one with the most votes for their artwork.
Please use following file formats: JPG or PNG.
Size of artwork should be no more than 400 x 808 px
Artwork should be presented on a skateboard deck. (See assets to download templates)
The maximum file size is 2MB per submission.
Please sign or watermark your work before submitting.