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Glossary of terms used (aka. what does X mean?)

The following terms are applicable to the website Grandyo.com:

  • Promoter: an individual or organisation that creates a Challenge in order to source Content (typically for a game or promotion of such).

  • Creation(s): Content on the site that is the work of Creatives.

  • Submission: Anything that has been submitted to a Challenge by a Challenge participant.

  • Content: Typically, but not limited to, Images, sound, writing, coding, games assets etc.

  • Prize(s): Aka. Rewards, this defines the item(s) that are given to the winners of a Challenge.

  • Brand: Usually a type of promoter.

  • Game: Usually a type of promoter, an individual or organisation who is making/ marketing videogames.

  • Member: someone who has registered to the site.

  • Creative: someone who has created content and shared/ uploaded it to the site.

  • Challenge participant: anyone who enters a Challenge.

  • Dates:when to submit Creations, 1st round, Final round, length of Challenge,

  • Objectives: the Challenge Brief & description,

  • Specifications: a detailed description of what is required,

  • Rewards: what you can possibly win,

  • Assets: any pre-designed content, links and examples,

  • Challenge rules: ‘dos and don’ts’ regarding the specific Challenge,

  • General rules: a list of rules applicable to any Challenge.
Who can take part in Grandyo Challenges?

Anyone who is a member of Grandyo is most welcome to participate in the Challenges we hold.

Please bear in mind that some Challenges may have specific rules about who can/ cannot take part e.g. ‘No employees of Grandyo are allowed to enter’, therefore it pays to read instructions for each one before submitting your creation.


Team Grandyo
I am an amateur, can I enter a Challenge?

Yes, of course you can.

Challenges are not restricted to professionals unless specified in the particular Challenge Rules, although this is a rare occurrence. Bear in mind that your submission will be going up against others from people who may well have more experience at creation in that category e.g. illustration, audio etc; therefore, you stand a better chance of doing well if your skills are improved.

Take a look at the Resources section of our Forum for some tutorials and interesting links to help build your skill set. The Forum is accessible via the ‘Community>Forum’ tab above.

All skill levels are welcome and no-one should be disheartened if they are not chosen as winners, the experience and practice gained from participation is certainly as valuable.

Good luck,

Team Grandyo

What can I win if I am chosen?

Prize types and value differ for each Challenge. They usually reflect the amount of work required from the promoter.

Towards the bottom of the individual Challenge page, a set of tabs give people access to detailed information about each Challenge; please see the 'Rewards' tab for information about possible prizes for a specific Challenge.



Team Grandyo
Can I enter more than one challenge?

Indeed you can.

We actively encourage people to try their different skills in different Challenges. There is no minimum number of Challenges that a Grandyo member can enter, however, some Challenges have a limited number of places or time, so we would recommend you decide wisely.
It is also possible to submit more than one Creation to most Challenges, so let your creativity loose!

Remember to always read the ‘brief’ & ‘rules’ of any Challenge you enter. These can be found on the 'Challenge Details' page which has this icon:
And as always, do your best & good luck!



Team Grandyo
How do I enter a Challenge/ What's the process for entry?

Thanks for wanting to take part.

First of all you need to be a member of Grandyo - do this by completing the registration process from the ‘Log in/ Sign Up’ button at the top of every page.

Once you are logged in to the site, browse to Services>Challenges where you should see a selection of the Active Challenges which are eligible for entry. Past Challenges are also displayed, however it is not possible to participate in them.
Click on the name or cover image of the Challenge that appeals to you, be sure that you read the information supplied by the promoter well.

Now click the ‘Join Challenge’ button displayed above the tabs and submit your Creation on the following page.
Once your entry has been submitted, follow & participate in the conversation on the Challenge forum, rate your fellow creatives submissions and join in discussions on the Forum.

Promoters will be in touch with you if you have been selected for the Final round.

Don’t forget to share the Challenge with friends and other people that you think might enjoy it!


Hope this helps,

Team Grandyo
What’s the difference between the 1st round and the Final round?

Challenges are open for two separate, but connected rounds.
1st round:
This is the time for everyone to submit their creations; after having read the details of the Challenge, Grandyo Creatives can upload as many creations as they choose. The 1st round is usually longer than the Final round to accommodate the amount of submissions.
Any communication with the Challenge Promoter would take place on the Challenge specific forum.
At the end of this round (see Challenge ‘Dates’), the Promoter, will select 10 submissions.

Final round:
Those selected to go through to the Final round are now required to refine their work - they will not be allowed to submit other entries. The Final round is shorter than the 1st round due to the reduced amount of submissions.
Communication with the promoter will likely be on a ‘one to one’ basis; Challenge Participants may be told which areas of their Creations they should alter.
At the end of the Final round (again, check the specific Challenge ‘Dates’), the promoter will select a winner/ winners of the Challenge. See another FAQ in this list regarding what happens next.

N.B. This information may be different for some Challenges. Always be sure to thoroughly read the Challenge ‘Rules’ in every case.
I'm not sure about the brief/ I have a question to ask the Promoter.

First of all, please ensure that you have read all the available information on the Challenge pages.

Any specific questions can be addressed to the promoter on the forum for that Challenge by using the 'Challenge Forum' button (icon: Challenge Forum) - please restrict questions to the Challenge in question.

For questions (and answers) regarding Grandyo and our services go to the following pages on the site: http://www.grandyo.com/faq.html or http://www.grandyo.com/services-what-we-do.html.

Many thanks,

Team Grandyo
Can I comment on other people’s Creations?
At the moment, Challenge participants can rate each others’ Submissions using the stars under the individual Creation. Use the ‘Challenge Entries’ tab on the left-hand side of the page to browse the Creations in a Challenge.
I was selected by the promoter/ I’m a winner! - What do I do now?

First of all, congratulations!
You should have received a message from the Grandyo telling you what, if any, specific things they need you to do, but the main process is, roughly, the following:

  1. Promoter sets up a Challenge on Grandyo,

  2. 1st round - Creatives enter the Challenge,

  3. Final round - 10 Creations are selected by the Promoter,

  4. Challenge ends and winners are selected by the Promoter,

  5. Grandyo notifies winners,

  6. Winners send their winning content to Grandyo,

  7. Promoter sends rewards to winners,

  8. Grandyo sends winning content to Promoter,

  9. Everyone happy!


After we have notified you that you are a winner, please upload the original, uncompressed, high quality files (or any that the promoter has specifically requested in the Challenge rules) of all winning entries to the address which will be contained in the notification email. Larger files should be added to a compressed folder using a program such as WinRar or WinZip.
Should you have any problems uploading files, please contact challenges@grandyo.com; do not send any files or other Challenge submissions to this address, they will not be valid.

Once a winner has received a reward for their Creation, IP (Intellectual Property) rights will have been transferred from the Creative to the Promoter.
I didn’t win/ wasn’t selected! What happens now?
Don’t be disheartened!
Not everyone can win all the time, but this does not mean that you should stop trying.
Your Creation might not have been appropriate for the specific Challenge you entered, so try again on another one or check the Resources section of the Forum for some tutorials and other information that might help you improve your skills. The Forum is also where discussion of people’s work and skills takes place, be sure to stop by and join in.
The Portfolio on Grandyo is a great for storing your work and we will actively promote our Creatives on the site and via Social Media, especially those who are well thought of by the Community.
Is there a translation to my language? Challenges in other languages on Grandyo.

Creativity has no borders and speaks no language in particular, Grandyo welcomes all  creative people whatever language they speak natively.

However, we are sorry, but we cannot run the website or Challenges in multiple languages.

If you want to participate in a Challenge on Grandyo, you must read the terms and conditions of the specific Challenge which are in English - we assume that your level of English is enough to understand the instructions of the promoter and to be able to ask and answer questions in the forums in English.

Please make sure that any concerns you have about a Challenge are raised in English.
I need assets created/ I'm looking for some artwork - how can I start a Challenge?

This is the place to do it!
It’s quite simple, but requires good preparation for best effectiveness. The Team at Grandyo can help you find the best way to engage your audience and provide a platform for you to communicate with them and judge submissions effectively.
Please contact us at challenges@grandyo.com or more information on the process.

Many thanks,

Team Grandyo
How do challenges work for games?
What is Grandyo Open?
Grandyo Open is our latest challenge type. The content is either short videos or images. Very often not more than a mobile phone is required to create content (eg. shoot a selfie, record your gameplay etc). Winners are the ones with most votes so don't forget share actively! 
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