happy New Year 2019
A bit late this time... I wish you all a very Happy New Year, may 2019 be full of happiness, love, creativity and health for you, your friends and family ❤ Take care! ❤
Merry Christmas 2018
It is a bit early however I wish you all a Merry Christmas, may you enjoy it with your family and be surrounded by joy... and many gifts! :D You can trust Rose and Valerian! This year Santa Claus hired them and even Domino is very proud! (get ready for the mess, folks, after all who doesn't need an automatic banana slicer nowadays ?)
So, here is something I usually rarely show.But first of all, a little story. For Christmas, I got a lovely sketchbook from :iconooneithoo: with a very interesting paper. And… well… at first I didn’t even try to use it ^^" but finally one day, I began to sketch a portrait… and I just couldn’t help but drawing the whole day XDPlus, little detail, I kept with a lot of love the wonderful tombow I won from the contest hold by :iconkrukof2: and that was the perfect day to try them too !Now, I’m addicted XD I just can’t imagine spending a day without drawing a little sketch in this book :3So it was the story of the day, now some explanations about the drawings o/1) Riley O’Connor : headhunter and mercenary, he only believes in money and his abilities. For him, the world id divided between him and potential preys. Sarcastic, proud, quite irritating, none however would dare to underestimate his skills.Simple fact : though he seems to hate the whole world, only his half-brother can get from him more than despite.2) Riley’s half-brother (sorry, the problem with this OC is I have many ideas for his name and could choose only one ^^") : despite his height and appearance he is far more gentle, nicer, kinder and patient than Riley. Truly, the kind of friend you always find for laughs and tears, the perfect confident. He has a massive strenght and sometimes can be really clumsy but he is a good-nature and the only one able to hold Riley in check (just a detail : Riley is the elder ;) )3) Corvinia : the seductive daughter of a demon lord, she is ruling a secret society mostly fighting against préjudices… and Inquisition. Corvinia is stubborn, sometimes cute like an angel, usually moody but always determined. She sincerely believes than demons, humans, elves and other peoples could peacefully live together. She would even show the example.. after all the fell in love with an Inquisitor.4) Maximilien : the youngest and most talented Inquisitor from the third dawn, becoming officer only at 13. He is said to have the face of an angel and the ferociousness of a monster. On the battlefield he can kill legin of demons without a single expression on his face. But in everyday life, Max is a lovely personn, benevolent and generous. He has a strange hobby which is fishing (and a rotten luck…). He is deeply devoted to El and believes that the dogma of the Third Dawn is the only way to protect people from Evil. Until the day he meets Corvinia… Now, some questions haunt his mind (and Jack the little jealous pumpkin would love to haunt his spirit for seducing reluctantly his mistress.)5) Abelard : one of the supreme knights of the Third Dawn, leader of the western company of the Inquisition, he is considered as fierce, intransigent, madly devoted to God with a total hatred for demon (his scar comes from a "joke" of Asmodeus). He is also Maximilien’s instructor, mentor and almost father as he was the one who discovered and the orphan and raised him. To some extente, Abelard would probably see him as his potential successor. Thought he is a monster with non human beings, Abelard he very protective toward widows, orphans and kids in general and despite his appearance people trust him and feel grateful for his fight to protect them.6) Swords, jewels, symbols… when there is few blank areas I always put this kind of little designs just to train. And you also have a cute little kodama, a wood spirit o/Oh yes.. I know, there are a lot of mistakes about proportions, anatomy, perspective, I’m sorry for this. But these are just sketches, for fun and training, I’m still learning ;)
Quite honestly this was maybe the most difficult part of my work on the Shredded Lands as at first I didn’t know at all what I wanted for a good-looking title. However I think everything finally was resolved when I began to define the design of the cross.This is truly the main element as it mixes three main symbols of the Lands: the Cross, the Wheel of Chaos and the Ouroboros.The four lines at right are actually written with the Atlantean alphabet I created and they are the very first sentences opening my artbook Sanctuaire.And well the title itself has been wrtitten in a font I sepecially created for my world ;)
It’s been a long time since I posted a real illustration here…Actually I was working a lot on my world those past months and well, I came to a point I can say that The Shredded Lands have a real identity and existence.So what about this drawing? Actually he doesn’t feature any famous characters of mine I used to draw in my previous artworks. Though you can notice some obvious elements such a the Wheel of Chaos, they are totally random. Those characters can be the kind of people gamers would embody while playing a campaign of the Shredded Lands, a team with its own story, backgrounds, adventures. Nothing else…There is also a major element in this composition whichi is of course the title. Finally I managed to create a proper title for my world, which is truly part of its identity. And though it is very simple, I like it this way (I’m going to post it alone too btw)One last word about this drawing. It is far more complex and detailed than what I usually do and I tried to put a lot of details in some design (mostly the creature un the right for example). Browing dA from almost 10 years long now, I’ve always been impressed by the fabulous artists here who can create a story just only with one composition. One of these artists is abviously Wen-M who has this incredible talent to feature eye-catching characters in powerful compositions depicting a story you can almost read through lines and colors.So well, thanks to all those amazing artists who are my inspiration, thanks to wonderful supporting friends and thanks to awesome watchers, I finally managed to almost reach the level I was aiming at… but I still need to train and progress ;)
Ongoing works
I'm not dead!! o/This is quite the opposite actually :DAs you can notice it I've been very busy those late days ;) Working on many illustrations, though I tend to present them more on tumblr than dA (which is a bit... deserted...)I won't tell a lot of things about those characters/illustrations which are mainly full of spoils but:-The little fairy is called Theodora. At first she was an emerald sheele (from Anima: Beyond Fantasy) linked to one of my OC in the RP I'm currently playing with m0onqueen But I loved her so much I decided to included her in the real story of the Shredded Lands
Priestess of the winds
Just a quick post, featuring Zephaniah, my Empress of Elysium.I wanted something really special for this composition. I really love the papercut works some artists are able to do I tried a coloring which would look like one so here is the result.Though it is far from what I usually do, I like it a lot
Why should I shed tears for a dying world
While usually such a work should have taken two days or even one week for me to be finished I did the lineart at the office and colored it in only one day o/ Needless to mention how much I've been inspired!I'm so so happy how it turned out! Hope you like it too!
Day 8 Crooked
"Oh, don't worry... After three months of coma, I'm pretty harmless..."Never... never trust Simethra when he has this crooked smile. Actually, never trust him, no matter what kind of expression you can see in his face...I'm so glad to have done another illustration of him for the inktober once again :la: Most of all, because I like the outfit I desgned for him, I may use it later as an official costume for the drawings featuring him :heart: It always such a pleasure to draw this little devilish jerk
Day 15 Mysterious
"What is really mysterious about Frederick is not to discover if Empress Palladia, the Sons of Albion or any other oarganization hired the skills of this fantastic assassin to kill the alchemists. It is neither to discover where is supposed to be Ravenscroft Manor where are supposed to be sealed all the secret about a shameful childhood. No, the really mystery about Frederick is simply to know if you should call your partner "Lord" or "Lady"..."Aaaand... I'm glad to introduce to you Frederick, one of the characters taking an important part in the Chronicles of the Shards with Clyde, Kazu and all the other side characters. Frederick is a mystery for everyone as none is able to tell if they are a woman or a man... And they are always teasing evrybody about this little detail...
Day 18 Filthy
"J'aime les exécutions... Idéal pour refaire des réserves de chair fraiche... Enfin... On se comprend..."Morgan... A jerk, a scum... "Filthy" seems to be a word created for him. Necromancer and proud of it, he likes nothing more than torturing, spreading fear, despair and pain in hearts and minds.
Day 20 Deep
"Les chaînes qui t'emprisonnentdans l'Âmeglace ont été forgéesPour chacun de tes frères bafoués,de trois coups de poignard, ton coeur nous avons lacéré,Pour tes péchés confesser,Trois larmes tu auras verséesEt cent millénaires dans les ténèbres,tes crimes tu continueras à expier..."Finally I had to feature him at least once.Icarus... Sabaôth... Yaldabaôth... He can be called by many names, however he is the Demiurge known as the Dark One, Supreme God of the Veld'Reshin, imprisoned deep in the core of the world among the Tree of Life roots, "twin" god of El, from who originates all Evil, vice, corruption, pain and despair... However is the truth as obvious as it seems to be?
Day 22 Trail
"Well, well, what have we here? A trail of blood, no corpse, a bag, a bottle of poison, a dagger and a letter... With... The Illoreth seal? Alright, never a good news when my family is involved in some kind of plot..."Actually for this prompt the idea came immediatly because of a FF7 music called "Trail of Blood" X) For once I knew exactly what I wanted for this composition and I'm glad Eilehnn took part of it. Yeah, after all, he is not only a seducing dandy but most of all a talented spy.
Day 24 Blind
"Though my sight is gone, I still can admire all the dreams we shared. But blind, I really was it, to not see the sacrifice our love lead you to..."There would be a lot to say about this illustration however it would be far too spoiling. Until I drew it I didn't realize that actually both characters were truly blind. Nevertheless the most dramatic blindness was the feelings of Marquese toward Evoradia and the events they lead to.Just a note about Marquese: as you can guess it, he is a Veld'Reshin. He is in fact the leader of the Valmaryss, known as the Devourer, the creature able to play with all realities and write the whole story of a world as he likes... But not his own it seems...
Day 26 Squeak
"My children... Haunt their slumber with the melody of your squEaks, stroke their mind with your sharp claws and fangs. This is time for a grotesque carnival!"Happy Halloween or nearly so XDHere is Adama'Skalt, Great Mother of All Nightmares, and some of her spawns. Though the word "squeak" itself has a kind of cute, funny feeling, they're not. I enjoy drawing monsters ;)
Day 3 Poison
"Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger"As Ânkhti worshipes Bast and Sekhmet, she has a lot of knowledge about curing potions and obviously poisons. But... isn't a poison simply a medicine of wrong proportions?
Day 5 Long
"The son of the emperor is said to be as brave as a dragon. It would actually be a compliment for the dragon..."So... Quite honestly this is immediatly what came in my mind when I read the prompt "long". Except the fact that it was for me more a "long" written 龍I really wished to draw such kind of character and I'm pretty happy how it turned out :) I will probably do a proper illustration for him later
Day 29 United
"A spear, a sword? No, only a limb of mine. Just as each warrior of my army is a drop of my blood. We are united."I'm so glad to introduce to you Lawrence Conway, warlord, swordsman and arch enemy of Emperor Cain, one of the only men able to cause him no end of trouble. Lawrence is proud, sometimes even arrogant, self-confident in his skills but also fair and close to his soldiers.
Day 30 Found
"How... How did you manage to find me here? I... No, I'm not pregnant, I swear it! You're wrong!"If I draw Sylven, I have to draw Lune. So here she is at a very particular ptime of her story when she discovers she is actually pregnant. This little detail totally terryfies her so she try to fly within the old temple she was born in. Obvisouly, her friends found her... And nine months later an adorable girl was born
Day 1 Swift
"You're so far from home you too, little bird..."So I finally decided to enter the inktober this year too o/And to begin it who could be a better choice than my sweet Zephaniah when she still was only the Queen of Dalmyra and discover her new domain, the Empire of Elysium. Full of nostalgia for her lost kingdom, dreaming of her motherland and sharing the sadness of exile with a swift...
Day 31 Mask
"So you think this mask is hiding my identity... Foolishness... Actually it tells everything about my true self..."Last inktober of 2017 with Nahash o/ I wanted something really simple and quite mysterious for him.Gods, I just don't believe I manage to finish the inktober challenge, I'm so so so happy!! Thank you for all your praises, comments and favs during this month, it meant a lot!! See you in 2018 for the next inktober o/
Merry Christmas-sacre!
"Hmm, jolie jeune tentatrice, m'accorderez-vous la première bouchée?-Noooon!? Del!! me dis pas que tu as mangé le gros bonhomme rouge!?-Ben, c'était pas une papillote géante?-C'était le Père Noël, pantoufle. J'avais commandé l'intégrale des Love Hina...-Ben tu peux les recommander pour qu'on nous envoie un autre Père Noël aussi délicieux que celui-là?"Long time not doing a little drawing for Christmas. So here is it for this year (late, very late, so much time without posting here! ONE YEAR!!) Featuring a poor sad little Simethra and Delarith, the Valmaryss of Gluttony, obviously!So my dear friends, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a lot of joy, peace and chocolate, may you be blessed with many gift and love
Happy New Year 2018!
"Bonsoir, je me charge d'accueillir les visiteurs... Oh, du gui, quelle étrange coincidence, nous... Delarith? je peux savoir ce que tu fais à agiter cette branche de gui au-dessus de ce gâteau?-Ben quoi? Il parait que si on est deux à passer sous du gui on doit s'embrasser. Hop hop hop! Allez, bisou! Bisou!-... 2018 va être une loooongue année..."(Late) Happy New Year, my friends!! May 2018 be full of joy, happiness, success, creativity, love and health!
First drawing for 2018... which was actually done in 2017 X)Akito is a character who appears during the very last events of my story. Poet, artist, mage and seer, Akito is discreet, somehow shy and more interested in the ephemeral beauty of existence than the wars and conflicts surrounding him.
HNY 2017
A quick sketch to depict Mister Clyde Celesti, which was the occasion to celebrate 2017 new year!
We shall meet again
A drawing featuring my two friends of rivalry Lune and Sylven. So yes, this is the time of farewell and good bye, for another story to begin, but soon our paths should cross again
I'm sorry but I'm afraid I won't be able to say a lot of things about those characters as they are true spoilers XDThe one with the watch is Lord Lloyd Cavendish, he has heterochromia.The second one... is not only what he seems to be and even himself doesn't know all the secrets of his past...
Oath of blood
You can easily recognize Nyzernliev, the leader of the Scarlet Eyes, and his second in command, Ishkur, the mad ink mage. I wanted to depict their strange and tragic relationship made of trust, hatred, love and sacrifice
Prince Mercurio of Caizergues, sorcerer, necromancer, alchemist... Few is known about him except the fact he is said to have been able to perform the Ars Magna. For this reason, he was put under house arrest by the Inquisition which is still closely guarding him.Only Count Amyas Redfern, his godchild, and his son Silas are allowed to visit him when they need his advice. Though Mercurio seems really quiet, the Third Dawn doesn't trust him at all. He once was banned from the Order of Aegis, just before the Order was slaughtered by a mysterious power. The Inquisition doesn't believe in coincidences...
Lord of Words
Simethra is a Veld'reshin, a high demon devoted to the Dark One, the maleficient Demiurge Yaldabaôth. Among the 8 Lords, the Valmaryss, he is one of the most powerful: he is able to know your intentions, aims, goals and projects just by touching an object you previously used. He is also a ink mage which can control writings in both their meanings and appearance. Needless to mention that as a spy he is very talented...Simy is also someone grandiloquent, clever, tiresome actually... and well... he is a real perv'!
Kikujiro the vagrant can usually be seen in the Yoromi archipel, though he tends to be a very discreet person. None would clearly say to who is really loyal: the Tianjin or the Midori? Few is known about him except the fact that he is half-elf, half-shingan and is the owner of a cursed katana known as the Blade of Chrysanthemum. He also seems to have some connections with the Phenix clan considering his mon. The only real facts about him are Kikujiro always appears on battlefields during the darkest hours of those islands.
The Gate of Shards
The Shards... The remnants of the many world devoured by Yaldabaôth. None knows if it is only a rumor or a truth but everybody knows that there is far in the North a forbidden forest you may enter if you're seeking a terrible death. A white lady is keeping it, however it is unsure if she is there to trap you or warn your about the light through the tree which looks like a gate to the Shards.
The Grell
Known in Homonoia as the Tribe of North, Hyena people, Feral folk and other names, the Grells are huge colossus living in a rude environment with pride, honor and respect. They are in fact the descendants of the Korrts in Cain's reality. They can be considered somehow like therapsids. They are usually discreet and do not have a lot of interactions with human.
The cursed one
Griever, the mad seer...I wanted to show him in a more melancholic way, to depict the tragedy of his fate. Maybe this is exactly the expression he had when he understood that no matter how, when, why, his death would be unevitable if he wanted his mother's dreams to come true...
The Erynies
In the world of Cain, there is a particular category of summonings called the "Nemesis" they are always appearing by a group of three entities.These Nemesis are the one related to the Final Judgement and Darkness, they are no more than the powerful Erynies, the Ladies of Retribution. From left to right, you can discover Megaera, Alektô and Tisiphoné :)
The pariah
A little composition featuring Dalim, one of Sylven's henchmen, in a tragic scene of his past. This is the day he had to leave the deserts where he was born and raised.
The botanist
Here is Aristide Isaiah Sirius who is, with Liaram, Alsy's best friend.Like Alosyus, he lives in Cyano, however he is not a sorcerer himself; Ari is an occultist scribe only studying magic and spells as a science but not using it. He is also in charge of copying old books and restoring them. He is also an alchemist, a forger but his true passion are plants, flowers. He is a talented botanist knowing almost everything about the "silent people" as he calls them. He deeply believes that even a mere flower has a soul, somehow feelings and can be able to understand the world surrounding her.Aristide is a tall man, thin, who can eat everything he wants without getting weight (poor Alsy XD). The scar he tries to hide with his hair comes from his childhoold, reminding him the fact his whole village was slaughtered and he was the only survivor…
Not only pretty
This is Rose. You can't guess it by looking at her now, but she is somehow the Shredded Lands Tomb Raider. You can find her in any kind of dangerous temple or crypt, if she has heard the rumor of an old artifact or a hidden treasure. Obviously she got some scars year after year and none could trust she is actually a princess (as her father says: "Do you think this is coherent that my daughter's skin is covered with much more scars than my bodyguard and henchman?")Rose is also an alchemist and Vincent considers her as his sister, just like Liselotte. She is proud, stubborn, sometimes hot-headed but she has a very kind and protective nature.By the way, she is Vadanya's daughtern the Isvar Lady with the raven costume, this is why she has those red eyes.
Dibodia's lair
"Everything is silence here... I could walk for hours in this cave without meeting anything alive... At least, it was what I would have thought. But there was this feeling, this scent. Discreet and so powerful. The offsprings were hidden in shadows. But the Queen, Dibodia, she was the one welcoming me."It was really difficult to paint. Not beacuse of the stones or mist, or colors. But because I'm deeply afraid of spiders. Even if I'm the one drawing them. Even if I know that in my story she is "nice". I had to hide her most of the time I was painting
Lady Erichto of the Ankou
"Life ends with death but what could be able to end death ?"Another of my OC, this time Lady Erichto of the Ankou, a Necromancer... and an Anaon (undead creature, don't believe her fangs mean "vampire", qhe is actually an empusa ;)). I wanted to present her in a particular format (and try to do a more elaborated ballpoint pen work ;)). Obviously all the elements here are particular symbols: the cut bead chain as her cut life, the skulls used in necromancy rituals, the sparrow -like killed by a cat, cats are indeed the God of Death's sacred animals-, the withered roses and the (almost) bramble... I have my own interpretation for each, but I prefer people to read this drawing themselves ;)Erichto was a mage (not born with a particular talent for magic but learning it), killed by a jealous rival who infected her with the etherean necrosis, the disease killing most of the mages, sorcerers and wizards on the Shredded Lands. But this was not enough for him: he sealed Erichto's soul and spirit in a curse, driving her into madness, preventing her from access the eternal rest. Her powers were obviously unsteady, she was neither able to resurrect, nor able to kill herself, till the day, Mardanh decided to help, protect and "cure" her. The God of Death offered her a new "life" in which she became the Lady of Ankou, a secret society fighting against both necromancers and evil Anaon... and only composed of Ananon itself.As a necromancer, Erichto has some huge powers but she tries to not uses them a lot, afraid of what she can do... Most of all, she is still infected with the necrosis and has to wear gloves: in fact, a simple touch of her hand is able to suck up life from a mortal body...
Here is Eridan, Janica's twin brother, obviously a Clades like her, but a bit particular within their society. He is an outcast because of his madness and most of all his hallucinations none has ever been able to explain. As Clades consider strength and power as something essential, Eridan is just seen as an imperfection. Nevertheless, her sister really loves him and always try to protect him, though she does not realize that it is quite the opposite actually. Eridan is not mad, he just has an impressive talent for prophecy, shared with his ancestor Arckhem, but he is not able to control it... The only person who was able to help him with this issue was Griever who taught him at least how to stand for his visions. Eridan is an intelligent and gifted sorcerer, perfectly aware of plots surrounding them, and knowing how dangerous can be their own kind; he also discovered many interesting facts about recent events in the Shredded Lands, waiting carefully to share them. He is a cunning strategist and a formidable adversary even if most of the time people despise him. Gifted with magic and his Clairvoyance, he is also an awesome fighter with a blade or a dagger. His global look is far from usual Elves and sorcerers: his clothes are always creased, he is stooping, prematurly aged, he has dark rings under the eyes, seeming always tired... But let say he is a real genius, he doesn't sleep a lot, reading for hours and days, he can almost answer any kind of question about the Lands and needs to get more and more knowledge (he acts exactly like Arckhem). But Eridan perfectly understand that he is a danger for all the Clades, his beloved sister and even himself: the truth he has discovered could mean another cataclysm as the one which destroyed the Atlantides.
Odessa - alt battle outfit
Actually I was thinking of a fichting/citizen outfit for her, she can't obviously always have a dress, most of all when she has to fight.Rishkadrim and Massara are a pefect mix between swords, scimitars and katanas, this is exactly the shape I imagined for a lady. (by the way, Anfri is the Asura's language and Matith is the Deva's ;)) She can also use Massara for Battōjutsu techniques (I know its shape is not correct for such techniques, but well, this is fantasy ;))And yes... Such as Ereshkidal who possesses Aita, Odessa also owns one of the Black Swords, the God Killers...
The Shredded Lands
Originally the cover for the first volume of the soundtrack which turned as the "official" visual key for the whole project, depicting obviously one of the most important characters oh the Shredded Lands, Lady Odessa Shadowclaw.
Nyzernliev / Sfregio (portraits)
Some studies for both Nyzernliev and Ugo "lo Sfregio" Buonafede portraits, "before and after".Working a lot on scars caused by fire for Ugo to get the proper effect for his burnt face.
Empress of Elysium
And another one for the "flat colors Art Nouveau" seriesThis time, I wanted a sensual, slightly erotic Zephaniah, Cain's treasure. You can easily understand why he fell in love with her at first sight.
Moon Lady
Same technique as previously used for Daughter of Concordia . This time in a composition featuring Lune in its woman aspect. The contrasts are stronger than the first composition, however I tend to prefer this one
Daughter of Concordia
I'm in a mood of experimenting different drawings styles, so I tried here a softer, smoother coloring with a kind of Art Nouveau feeling. This composition features Arsinoé, a half-elf linked to the ancient powers of nature. Actually, many spoilers surrounds her so I can't tell a lot about who she is.
The Crimson Lady
Odessa, High Priestess of Chaos, The Chosen of Urdryamnash, in all her glory.Red is the color linked to chaotic creatures, actually it is not really a choice, it came this way, without really thinking of it.Though she is a secret character she is really important and shall have a role to play for the destiny of the Lands.Some facts about her1. Her real name is not Odessa actually. She took her after a terrible ordeal she had to go through... She decided to named herself Odessa, a kind of female version of Odysseus.2. She is the leader of the Eight Knights of Chaos. The Eight Knights do not appear a lot together: they are too dangerous, unsteady and mad for this, they can destroy a city just because they decided to play and fight each other.3. She is the favourite disciple and priestess of God Urdryamnash who gave her most of her powers. In exchange, she allowed the cursed God to possess her own son's corpse for his reincarnation. Yes, she had a son and even a husband: he was an elven erudite who wanted to learn the dark arts and magics from her. He considered that his training couldn't be complete without this (he was a bit... suicidal) Her husband was killed during an attack in her castle commanded one of the Gods of the Asuras. Her son were killed by a man who formerly hired him as warlock (other story, too long to explain everything).4. The tattoos on her body tell the story of her life, her pains, her joys... They are living, with their own will, so they can change a lot, considering Odessa's will, feelings, wounds... they can also totally cover her as an invicible shadow armour.5. As she is devoted to the Chaos, her powers are really diversified: pure chaotic, shamanic and linked to the Nature (that's also why a lot of her tattoos look like flowers), elemental, linked to the Darkness and she also can change her into a panther, a crow... In fact it seems that she has not a lot of restrictions. But being a disciple of Chaos also means that she is really open-minded and tolerates a lot of things. She does not like a lot laws and wish that freedom could be given to anybody on earth. She also protects artists, poets, authors and musicians (she is herself a very good harpist) and can be considered as a sponsor as she can help them with a home, money or a "job" in royal courts.6. She has a "familiar"! He/she is named Fripouille and it is a little living gargoyle. She also have a black horse named Galen and a crow, Lioja7. Not only the fact that she uses magic but she is also very good with a scimitar! She learned this by herself and developed her own style, which looks like more a dance than a real fighting style. Recently she also discovered that a whip is really interesting8. At the beginning of my story, she only lives in her castle in the Succor-Benoth the Realm of Asuras. But she slowly decides to discover the world as she begins to make friends. She does not seem very talkative but in fact she is just... very demure. If you want to please her, you can offer her black roses (she will probably put one in her hair)9: if Odessa has to be voiced by someone it could be a mix of Nicola Goodchild (Queen Aino in Primal), Melissa Lloyd (Malikel in Primal), Simone Grant (Karla in Lodoss, my favourite), Judith Gibbins/Keeley Hawes (Lara Croft) or Grey DeLisle (Natla).
"Respect, honor, peace... Three words to guide the Korrts. They do not need more. Don't believe they are stupid monsters or warlike fighters because of their height or strength. They are so amazingly peaceful, they stand together, taking care of the oldest and weakest. Kind and welcoming giants... They could break your spine with a flick but their arms are more used to hugs..."Just one word: they are not lizardmen. Despite their appearance, they are mammal.This one is still young, only 240cm (small for a male), his name is Koro, former gladiator, freed from an arena in Fenno-Sarmatia by Ereshkidal and his friends. So, well, now you know his height, you have a good idea about the size of the sword. By the way, the Korrts have the strange habit to not maintain their blades; they consider they deserve the right to die and not be used anymore...
"My skin may be dark, but my heart has been filled with the purest Light of Enaora..."Dark Elf ? Not exactly... Though he looks like a typical Dökkálfar, Zamjhee is actually a Black Tuatha, a "white" Elf born with the curse of Dark Elves. In a family of noble Tuatha, it should have meant... death... Many black tuatha babies are indeed killed by their own parents, ashamed of such curse. Luckily, Lady Shaelz'drynn devoted her life to save those inocent victims, so she managed to prevent Zamjhee's parents from killing him by sending two of her loyal friends to his rescue.From this day, the young Elf had been raised in Libra, in which he learnt respect, solidarity and benevolence... but also where he could develop his fighting skills with the weapon masters. Zamjhee was talented enough to be chosen by Shaelz'drynn to become the bodyguard of the High Priestess, Elderinë, a young Tuatha lady who had received death threats. Obvisouly, with his appearance, many people soon blamed the Lady of Libra for her choice. At first onlyElderinë and her father deeply trusted him and he had to go through mockery and hatred... while protecting the priestess. Zamjhee was close to abandon on several occasions, however his affection for Elderinë preventing him from coming back to Libra. In his heart, he was sure that she deeply needed him to survive. At a point, he was almost able to understand the plots surrounding her but both were lured into a trap, during which the priestess was killed and Zamjhee, left for dead. He was cured by Elderinë's father, not blaming him for his daughter's death... But the young Tuatha felt responsible and sweared he would never dare to look at him straight in the eyes until the day he finds Elderinë's murderer.So Zamjhee left Libra and became a mercenary in the same guild as Xynmiz (and later Ereshkidal)... His missions as an outlet for his shame and regret... Waiting, investigating... Never forgiving, never forgetting...
So, what are you intending to tell me?
"My first meeting with Janica was quite... a disaster... Hopefully, her brother was able to calm down the fury and she finally allowed me to have a walk with her in their citadel gardens. Secret, distant, cold as all the Clades seem to be... Now I know this is just an appearance. And when the sunlight surrounded her, I realized that this lady could only belong to the realm of Beauty and Purity..."Here is Janica, a Clades (Elf of Chaos) lady. Clades were a race of Elves I created for Oniris too (and in fact they were also Nephileims' archenemies). Before a terrible war, known as The Sisters War, which took place many centuries before Ereshkidal's birth, some of those elves decided to leave Oniris to find a place where they could live in peace. So they "discovered" Rodinia and began to live in community with the other elves here (most of all, Tuatha). Those Clades are now a precious link for Ereshkidal between his past and this new world.I wanted Janica to have a cold, shy beauty, creating a big contrast with a lady like Odessa who has a fiery sensuality. I was thinking a bit of someone like Arwen from LOTR maybe (but with short hair, I was obsessed with the fact to create a short-haired elf lady :D). Janica does not show a lot her feelings, she does not feel at ease with people she doesn't know and try to stay most of the time with the other Clades. However with Ereshkidal, she will be able to discover true friendship and trust :)
Anjarael and Balsima
"We may not share the same blood, but the link I share with my father is not a lie"Here is Anjarael (but everybody calls her Anja for short). She is obviously a Dökkálfar, daughter of the Archmage Xelorr'Him and sister of Maz'Ram. Well, she is not exactly from their family as the Archmage adopted her when she was almost a baby. Her mother was one of his disciples and she was killed by Anja biological father, Shaazar, so the Archmage decided to take care of her. Today, for the whole community of Dökkálfar, she is but her daughter, which means she has...a particular status within their society (her brother is always looking after her and... most of all the men who would dare to come a bit too near... Protective, very protective, brother...)But Anja is not a little princess, selfish and spoiled: she learnt magic with her father and the other Masters during years, she is very intelligent, always interested in foreign cultures, history, she speaks at least 3 languages (Drude obviously, Concordim, Tuatha and a bit of Anfri). Like her friend and Master, Erik'Soë, she is very curious and a real hothead (she used to be a very turbulent and exhausting child, a true tomboy).Because of her true father rancour, she has to flee from the Saevitia to save both her life and family, so this means the beginning of her adventure through the Shredded Lands. She will soon discover that actually this more difficult than expected to survive in such world and even her magic won't be enough. As you can see it, she also wears a dagger, something her brother ordered her to do, but she doesn't feel very comfortable with weapons, even if she is very supple and nimble, fighting is not for her... Luckily she will meet some very different people who will become her friends (they don't care if she is a Dökkálfar, but knowing that she is Xelorr'Him's daughter will frighten them a little): Naraïn is the first one she meets in the ruins of an antic city near Dênakê. Pusued by Shaazar's henchmen, one of them try to rape her but Naraïn kills them all with a formidable and very efficient discretion (most of all, because his weapon is a blowpipe, he was raised by a Xoltec tribe, but he is not carochayas himself, he was abandoned by his parents in the jungle, this is why he feels immediatly close to Anja who is also an adopted child). Naraïn is a mekigar, a shaman, who has to flee from his village because of some dark oracles... He is linked to the crow, his familiar (his name means "crow" in nephileïm by the way ;)) and he will soon discover that Anja is not only a talented sorceress but she seems to have much more ancient powers.They will then meet the weapon master Layanne, a lady looking for the murderer of her master, and Arcadius, an historian passionated about Atlantean myths (and a wizard, he was contaminated by an artefact, now the etherean necrosis is slowly killing him, he knows he won't live for long, but it keeps this secret to not bother his friends).The main point is Naraïn and the other will understand that Anja as an Elf is directly linked with Nature (an old, very ancient Nature...) and she is a mekigar too (Dökkálfar become shamans, while Tuatha are Druids, this is because of the link the first ones have with death...). But Anjarael's spirit is not connected with a simple bird of big cat: her familiar is a pavor, a creature born with the world itself, born during the Tjukurpa, when the Gods were still dreaming. This will be a tough ordeal for her (considering the fact that the brother-spirit can perfectly kills you if it thinks you don't deserve its help). Luckily, the pavor will accept her and Anja will call her Balsima ("Sister" in Drude). But this is only part of all the adventures the four friends will live together... You can also easily guess that Maz'Ram will closely look after the men she chose as friends, none moves nearer his beloved sister without his agreement...Let say that Anja is my Liriel Baenre :giggle: But she is much more cheerful, cute and clumsy and her father is far nicer and more protective toward people than Gromph. For once, I'm really happy how the skin turned out (I was afraid of painting a black skin) and I couldn't imagine Anja with another eye color. And yes, she is very concerned about her appearance, she uses make-up. At first she had long hair but decided to cut it in the ruins, for greater convenience.
So here is another character from the Shredded Lands, Zaradine, an Archmage, currently living in the deserts. I'm a bit ashamed to tell this but he popped into my mind while reading "Gagner la Guerre" by Jaworski, most of all because of a depiction of Sassanos. But Zaradine is really less eerie and creepy :giggle:I wanted to draw a black man with a lot of ornaments and jewels, whose features wouldn't be truly African. Actually I used several portraits of Vincent Cassel to draw him ;) It was quite a challenge to paint such skin tone, I'm not used at all! I'm really happy how he turned out, I wasn't sure about his hairdo and the beads... (by the way... never again so many braids... Never, never... >_
It's a good night for a murder
Don't ask why, but Sylven is one of my OC for who I always have ideas for new clothes (while all the other one only have one outfit ^^;): he is presently wearing his combat/infiltration suit, which main important part is the collar, hidding the lower part of his face and his scar. Usually he also untie his hair, so it would hide his pointy ears. For this particular outfit, I wanted something between ninja and commando.The title means everything, someone is going to die tonight... an official contract, not a personnal vendetta. But, well, if he meets him... he wouldn't refuse a little fight...I really enjoyed doing this one, though it is not very elaborated :) (and the ground looks like a real ground for once XD). The flowers on the left are knows as "blood rose", not only because of their color but the sap is also dark red.
Eilehnn and Selunia
Selunia, the half-elf at the right, is quite young but he possesses huge powers which allow him to purify undead people. He IS NOT a necromancer! Never, never, NEVER tell him something like this! He just can help them to rest in peace and cure the souls and spirits. The problem is that this power is really rare and many people are after it. Selunia has a tragic past and hate the Empire of Elysium for the ordeals he had to go through.Luckily enough, his path will meet Eilehnn's, who seems to be a gentleman... but also a thief, crook, swindler, spy who hates the Empire too. He will become both a friend, protector and mentor for Selunia. However, even is he can appear as a fickle, seducing and idle person, he also keeps many secrets he could kill for...
Cain and Zephaniah
And here is the imperial couple of Elysium. Perfect contrasts though they are one soul, one spirit, one love. Totally different and complementary.Cain is an Atlantean survivor... or maybe... not really... Something else ? Well, he keeps many secrets (and many spoilers) so yes, he was raised within the Atlantean civilization, has terrifying powers (he is not really worried about Ereshkidal's Clairvoyance, does that sound clearer ?) and is known for his cruelty and ambition. He rules the Empire of Elysium since centuries and maybe millenaries.But only ONE person is able to appease him, bring him some love, tenderness and most of all control his angers and wrathes. Zephaniah is his most precious treasure, he could die for her (and kill for her obviously). She was the only one able to defy him and to force him to back down when he decided to conquer her kingdom. Actually this was because he felt in love at first sight...Though Cain can be really wicked, pervert and sadistic, Zepahaniah is a kind nature, noble and benevolent.But, she is not really the woman she seems to be...
So here is Arthenor, Primordial of Order, linked to the eagle.Rigid and intransigent he doesn't allow any fault and is considered as a hateful and despicable god. However, this is quite a pardox because the main person he wants to punish is but himself for a forbidden love he shared with a man, a mere mortal.
The Ghost Hand
Sylven's five most important lieutenantst. They can also be considered as his "companions" or "comrades" though the young Half-Elf tends to not show a lot of attachment to them.In this composition I decided to place them from the most recent hired one (Merukan) to his very first associate (Zeryn).So let's try to introduce this crew.MERUKAN: As you can notice it, he is tall... Very tall. Thin and muscular. Three adjectives to describe him. You can also add deceitful, strong and crual. Merukan is a mighty force but this doesn't mean he is stupid ("I see, I hit" is not for him, trust me...). Within the Ghost Hand, he is in charge of racket, kidnapping and executions (mostly within the organization itself). His name is feared by every criminals, he is known for enjoying killing and torturing... and for being maybe the only man able to defeat Sylven himself. Merukan seems to be very protective with the other lieutenants, he has a kind of paternal behaviour toward them, despite his impressive appearance. He can be very calm and quiet (his main hobby is reading and playing chess) but during battles he becomes a true monster; his weapon is usually a "simple" chain, however, looking it carefully, you can notice the little blades welded to some links (sadistic, you said ?). He used to be a street gangster who faced the authority of the Ghost Hand, killing some henchmen Sylven sent him before the Half-Elf decided to solve the problem himself. Their very first fight ended with a draw and Sylven offered him to join his organization...Concerning his design, I really wanted to give him a lout look, so well, black leather, chains, belts and piercings. Not mentionning his unlikely hairdo >_< Among the five, Merukan is my fav and he really has an important role in the story...GILROY: She is a woman... a tough woman dressing and acting like a man (she bandages up her breasts to hide them). She was a respected commander in the royal army of Markland but she deserted when the Civil War began; so she finally retrained to the civilian life as a bodyguard for noblemen and rich mechants. This is while protecting one of those lords she met Sylven who had a contract on him. Gilroy obviously protected her customer but soon realized he was despised her and did not even respect her as a warrior. Too bad for him, Gilroy can easily bear grudges... and was suddenly very interested in working for the Ghost Hand. Among Sylven's comrades, she is maybe the most loyal, honest and upright; however, she considers a woman has no right to be feminine or weak within such organization, this is why she acts and want to be treated as the other men (and this is also why she is always arguing with Kael >_
"A rain of blood for a dirge of sword, this is the melody of my blade..."There are three major opponent guilds/organizations in the Shredded Lands: The Crimson Eyes (a sect of zealots), The Dark Blades (the main and oldest/most powerful guild of assassins) and the Ghost Hand (various criminal activities including racket, drugs, prostitution, kidnapping and artefacts trafficking...). This is the last one, Sylven is ruling for 10 years now (as an Half-Elf it is quite difficult to know his real age, though it is usually believed that he his between 25 and 30-year old). Most of my characters had to meet him during their missions or trips and most of the time it meant Sylven got a new enemy... He particularly hates Lune, Griever (however they were used to work together sometimes... I guess he just can't stand for the Draemnoth awful character...) and the mercenary Xynmiz who totally ruined one of his most ambitious operations... Concerning Azelior the Thief, the only person who managed to enter and steal documents in the organization headquarters, he has mixed feelings toward him: of course, he is a bit pissed of but admires the young Dökkálfar talent... And obvisouly, Sylven will be really happy to count as his foes the last Nephileïm, Ereshkidal.He is an awesome fighter (he is left-handed), using a three-bladed sword (yep, the hilt is also a blade, and despite its general look, this weapon is indeed a sword, with two edges on the blade, and not a sabre), nevertheless it is admitted that he prefers to talk and find a compromise instead of killing... He is really reflective and self-possessed and doesn't like to kill that much, he considers that "the right place for a blade is its sheath", but when the negotiations fail, he has no mercy. Not only the fact he is good with a sword (by the way he also collect swords and blades, appreciating them as art objects, though he uses few of them) but he is one of the most talented Elementalists, related to both Air... and Light (quite surprising for a criminal) and as a "strange" hobby which is woodworking, most of all wood carving and cabinetmaking. He is a living paradox, full of contraditions: he hates women (yeah, he is a terrible misogynist because of a particular event of his childhood) but he is amazingly protective with Kael, the lady working as a sniper and leader of the artefacts trafficking in the Ghost Hand, he always try to prevent his henchmen from killing civilian people but when one of those people become an enemy, he would kill or torture them with no regret... Many persons are used to call him the "Executioner with an angel face".Despite his composure, he can also be a bit... foolhardy... Encroaching on the Dark Blades prerogative for murders does not appears as a danger for him... Actually he doesnt take care of his own life, his whole existence just disgusts him: he has no precise memory till he was 10-year-old (this particular memory is still haunting him...), an orphan living in the streets, eating tainted and spoilt food, escaping from older criminals and tramps, finally taken in by Shandkarr, a Varen, his present mentor, who taught him everything he had to know to become strong and survive (he almost worships this "man", extremely grateful for gving him a real life, even if it full of blood and crime). He also suffers of haemolacria (he shed tears of blood, this syndrome actually exists, but I won't use the real causes), something his mentor and lieutenants have always found very strange... Indeed this is related with the mix of blood in his veins, just as the nightmares haunting his nights, preventing him from a restorative sleep, making him afraid of slowly going insane...Sylven only believes in his relatives, his five most loyal lieutenants, and his mentor. He knows treason and disappointment enough to be very carefulf. Maybe he is just a bit... too naive... like his mother...Just a little point: Kael is the only one allowed (and able) to cut his hair. Once she was in mission, he asked Zeryn (the man in charge of all the administrative work, relations with the authorities and information)... Never again... :D
"Libra is a land of freedom and peace... How ironic... My heart cannot understand the meaning of those words anymore..."Speedpainting for the design of my prophetess Shaelz'drynn, one of those other "guide" characters of mine. While painting her I had only one word in mind: LIGHT! So sorry for your eyes if it is too bright and if some details are not that obvious but I tried to only keep this feeling of light while drawing her.Her skin is also far brighter than Anjarael's for example because, she is an half-elf and she is VERY old (so her skin has turned to grey more than black ;))Shaelz'drynn protects the island of Libra in Rodinia, a haven of peace (my vision of Shangri-La or Tanelorn). She has huge powers she never hesitate to use to fight against Evil. Indeed, though her appearance, she is closely related to Law, Order and Good. And most of all: Light. She inherited this link because of the mix of bloods running in her veins: her father was a Deva and her mother, a Dökkálfar. Actually, from her mother, she got her Elven legacy, not the Dökkálfar curse. Shaelz'drynn can be considered as the arch-enemy of the Scarlet Eyes, who tried to kill her several times. She eventually escaped in Libra in which she founded the city of Vigrid: the whole island is still protected by the 4 elemental spirits who helped her to build Vigrid: Kanalerith, Moloagon, Merahascha and Nesfekarius.From that day, Shaelz'drynn spent her life helping, rescuing, saving people looking for peace, advice and a meaning, an aim for their life. Most of all, she tries to save the elven children known as Dark Tuatha: born from tuatha parents but with the appearance of a Dökkálfar, an issue meaning death most of the time... This is mostly how she uses her formidale gift of prophecy and prediction. Indeed, this lady loves children and she still remembers the day she had to abandon her son for his own sake...I can't say a lot of things about her unfortunatly, too much spoilers... but yes... she is the mother of one of my OC.
Lady Evanaskia
"My son, all I can pass on to you is the decay of a world... and its hope..."Finally... One of the last designs I wanted to do. But concerning this one I've defered it for days... Because I was really afraid to draw her. Evanaskia is a character I love and she is very dear to my heart. Most of all I had a precise idea about how she had to look like and was really afraid ti couldn't succeeded. But I did it... she has the look and face I wanted for her. While Shaelz'dryzzn is linked to Light, Evanaskia is the embodiement of purity, serenity, peace and tenderness. She is The Mother. To be honest, my idea for her was the Holy Virgin.Evanaskia was a Queen of the Atlantean Kingdoms, she ruled the Lemuria. While in our world this continent is named from cute animals, I made a play on words with the lemures, the ghosts... Evanaskia was the Queen ruling the kingdom of deceased Atlantean when death did not exist... Somehow, some people despised or felt sorry for her: she didn't care at all. She was wise, patient, modest and kind: as you can see it, she is wearing very simple clothes (at least for an Atlantean Queen), no make-up, no jewels... She was loved for her simplicty, her accessibility, her goodness (she also used to walk barefoot...). But she also had a fantastic power; she is still considered as the most powerful Atlantean sovereign and some people described her as closer to a goddess than a "mere" Atlantean. Unfortunatly, her health was rather delicate and she usually needed the constant help of her twin sister, Damkina. She was also known for her faraway look and sad smile, a marvelous voice and agreat beauty allowing her to be considered as the second most beautiful woman on earth...Evanaskia influenced a lot the life of many persons...(I can't tell a lot fo things about her... too many spoilers...)
Decland "Deke" Amarello
"Oh I see! So a one-armed man wouldn't be that dangerous ? Please, explain your theory to the maggots..."Deke is an assassin. He is actually the man who should have been the hero of my story about the Dark Blades before I totally fell in love with Ugo. But now Deke has a real design.. well... let say he is not that awful...Like the doctor, he is a Sparvierese, though his father is an Oldfelding (this is why he has such first name, however he kept his mother's surname). She died when he was 13 and was raised by Vaclav, leader of the Dark Blades in the Markland, who obviously decided to train him as an assassin. And Declan was one of the most talented. However, his heart was still pure somehow, he didn't like what he did but it was the only life he knew. Until the day he had to go to the countryside because of some issues and a probable betrayal during a mission, so Vaclav sent him to Sparviere. Here, Deke met an old famous painter who... well almost kidnapped him to be his apprentice, servant, errand boy etc... Yes, this old man was a bit eccentric and crazy but really nice and sweet. And for Deke, it was a good occasion to be forgotten and live a peaceful life until Vaclav managed to solve all the problems.This is how and when Declan discovered how talented he was as a painter too... This began to be a real passion for him and his master was quite surprised and amaazed by his natural gift. Too bad, their friendship had to stop when Vaclav eventually came to give another mission to his disciple but Deke had been totally transformed. Something broke inside him.Not able to kill anymore... and falling in love with a young blind lady... Two faults... He paid the most expensive cost when she is tortured and killed by Vaclav and designed as the perfect suspect. Declan tries to denounce the Dark Blades but he is captured by his former peers and tortured at his turn. He would have prefered to be killed but Vaclav reminded him his vows "As long as your right hand will be able to hold a blade, you'll be ours". Deke took his words to the letter and simply cut his hand (obviously he is still one-armed) so he could finally escape (maybe because someone was still looking after him and protecting him...)Now, his heart filled with anger and remorse, he has only one aim: break up the Dark Blades and kill Vaclav.I wanted a young and seducing man with dark hair and bright eyes to embody Deke. I also realized that he is one of the most adaptable of my OC: I can draw him with or without beard, long or shot hair, depending the precise moment of his life. Maybe I'll try some other designs for him ;) Concerning the clothes, obviously inspired by Renaissance and Italian fashion, I wanted something VERY elegant for him :)
Ugo "lo Sfregio" Buonafede
So... how to begin to introduce him ? there are so many things to say about Ugo. First of all I really wanted a masked character in my story, this kind of OC is always so mysterious and classy. Ugo was originally a minor character from a story focused on the Dark Blades (the major Guild of Assassins) and the revenge of one of them against his former partners... Well... let's say that now Deke, who was supposed to be the hero, became the minor character. I've so loved lo Sfregio that I began to develop his story much more than expected...He also was part of the Dark Blades, not really as an assassin but as a doctor. However he perfectly knows how to kill someone quickly and -almost silently-, he is a charcater of mine who never use weapons, a sound associated with his is something like "craaac" or "clac" (the noise of a broken neck...) so you can tell his hands are enough... Curing and healing the assassins, he was really appreciated; he is a sweet nature, always good-tempered, patient, listening carefully. Unfortunatly, one day he diagnosed a particular illness to someone important within the guild and this secret had to be sealed... The whole HQ of the Dark Blades burnt with Ugo trapped in his room. He miraculously was able to escape but totally disfigured, bearing an unendurable endless pain (he was "lucky" enough to keep his senses, though his touch is truly off now..). Oddly, he chose to come back to the Blades, keeping an eye on his arch-enemy, as a living sword of Damoclès. He is patiently waiting for his revenge...You may have understood it but Ugo is a very useful and agreable character for my story: as a doctor, in his "new" life, he will be helpful for most of the other OC. I have to precise that he doesn"t trust wizards or sorcerers, doesn't like magic at all... and is an hopeless atheist! (something quite strange in the Shredded Lands ;)) This is much more paradoxical, considering the fact that the person who will become his best friend iw a former Atlantean god...Lo Sfregio is also an awesome Strategist player (a fashionable card game in Rodinia), even better than most of the Thieves and Rogues (even better than Feydrinn, maybe...), he is really interested in (keen would be more correct actually) the history of Hout-ka-Ptah, the great realm from the desert, collecting antiques and books about this topic. His only interest in his look appears in his unconditionnal love for hats (he has dozens of different models, the one he is wearing in the illustration is inspired by POTC Mercer's :giggle:); considering the fact he is physically unattractive since his "accident" and has to hide his whole burnt body, it's somehow difficult for him to find elegant clothes...Nevertheless, despite his monstruous appearance, Ugo is someone really calm, nice, lovely. He is reassuring, welcoming and brings a kind of peaceful feeling. I wanted this contrast for him, this is typically the kind of person I would love to met, in my story you never bother him, you can wake him up at midnight because of a mere flu, he is always available (except for his best friend he is always teasing :giggle:). Nice and kind but he also has a crush for black and dry sense of humour and he can be really destabilizing when you don't know him a lot :DOne last word: this design was maybe one of the most "difficult" to do; not because of the colors or clothes which were quite simple but because I had to browse the net to get references about patients suffering from third-degree burns. I felt simply guilty about this, using real person suffering for my own entertainment, so at a certain point I decided to stop, it doesn't matter if the scars Ugo has are not that realistic...
"During the war against the 5,000 Orc Army, she killed 5,001 Orcs... She forgot her first lieutnant was actually an Orc too..."Her design was nothing I thought a lot about... I mean I just wanted a strong woman, an axe, blood and horns... And after this I began to draw all the other elements :) I was also inspired by Celtic and Norse warriors and when the drawing began to "live" I saw a gorgeous yet terryfing woman, dressed with fur and silk skirt... She had to be beautiful but not seducing.Manilith is the Goddess of Destruction in Fenno-Sarmatia, but she embodies the Destruction linked to purification and revival. She has a positive aspect even if she is usually depicted as violent, dangerous and impredictable.
Heroes of the Lands
You might know them all but I’m going to introduce them as I drew them all -Urdryamnash, God of Chaos: if you have read his story, you may understand why he seems so determined and serious for once.-"She" and Odessa: the two women of his life, both of them had to be painted, those three characters are the key -Ereshkidal: on the foreground obviously, the main character, the hero, with a look showing all his determination.-Lune: of course, I had to draw my little monster. And doing a something goddam stupid, destroying my whole composition with his toys (and still with this smile "don’t-care-about-you-go-to-Hell")-Griever: with his lovely smile as usual, can’t imagine another face for him-Cliff: not the most important character-Shaelz'drynn: sweet character I like a lot-Sylven: is thinking, badly thinking about Lune here and now…-Joachim: just because there was an empty space behind Lune and a big cloack would fit him-Zaradine: I missed a lot my Archmage, I love drawing him. And yes, indeed he smokes a lot (and this is not tobacco…)-Azelior: the first time I do another painting of my very oooooold Rogue !-Xynmiz: same thing, old character, first time for the redraw ;)-Janica: Of course, she had to be part of this composition-Loopy: cute-tiny-dragoness in front of everybody, she is ready for the fight !-Evanaskia: the butterfly surrounded by light (though it is not really her symbol) but she had to be part of this painting.In the background, Rodinia’s map, the main continent of my world, the first one I drew.
A sunny afternoon
:icondameodessa:A sunny afternoonby DameOdessaTraditional Art / Mixed Media / Fantasy©2012-2016 DameOdessa"C'était une douce fin d'après-midi d'été et seuls quelques nuages troublaient l'harmonie du ciel... Je m'apprêtais à quitter Nemta-do-Shin et Oblivion afin de regagner mes pénates pour consigner mon extraordinaire voyage sur le plan du Chaos. Soudain, j'eus l'impression que la nuit venait de brusquement recouvrir la Citadelle d'Opale. Mais lorsque mes yeux s'habituèrent à ce fantastique mirage, je compris alors pourquoi cette gigantesque place surplombant la ville avait été construite. Elle qui avait nourri tant d'interrogations, si désespérément vide et, à mon sens, inutile devenait le piédestal idéal pour la formidable apparition que j’eus l'immense honneur de contempler. Mon guide m'expliqua que cette femelle de Dragon des Constellations venait se poser ainsi tous les soirs, comme si elle bénissait la nuit de la Citadelle et ne repartait qu'avec les premières lueurs de l'aube. Celle-ci déploya ses ailes sur lesquelles semblait danser un incroyable ciel nocturne. Et je compris... je compris toute la puissance des êtres du chaos dont cette dragonne me faisait une singulière démonstration. Ce n'était ni une illusion, ni un mirage, mais bien une de ces myriades de réalités alternatives auxquelles les forces du Chaos pouvaient donner accès. La créature me montrait ainsi ce qui aurait pu être à cet instant précis..."Carnets de l'Errant, VIII, 7."It was a warm summer afternoon, only small clouds were wandering on the blue sky... I had to leave Nemta-do-Shin and Oblivion in order to come home and record my amazing travel in the Plane of Chaos. Suddenly, I thought the night was falling on the Citadel of Opal. But when my eyes began to be used to this mirage, I understood... I understood why this gigantic place had been built. I was so confused about this empty, desert place... Now it was the most impressive pedestal for this marvelous being. My guide explained me that this female Constellation Dragon was used to come here every afternoon just as if she was blessing the night of the Citadel before she left with the first lights of dawn. She spread out her wings on which was painted an incredible night sky. I understood all the power of beings from Chaos. It was neither a dream, nor a delusion but a true alternative reality only Chaos could have lead to. The dragon was showing me what could have been in this moment..."Quick traditional sketch of a Dragon, a creature which must be part of a fantasy world ;)
Joachim's tattoos
Something I don't paint a lot (and usually don't show).Concept for one of my OC's tattoos. I still haven't drawn Joachim (I can't really see his face on my mind) but his tattoos have a very neat design!Joachim Marion (yes, it can be for a man too) Joshua Ravenkranz (his father was Steingalt, his mother Oldfelding, they mixed their family names) is a legendary priest of Darkness (linked to the ancient cult of Kaïlynn, and not Argast), knowing a lot of things about the many plots disrupting the Lands. Presently, he is missing believed dead... All I can say about his past is that Griever hated him and the Holy Knights of El tried to kill him several times...The tattoo on his chest is a circle sigil sealing up an old and dangerous being in his body (a being he needs to live himself, since most of his body is made of Soulice, a very rare component found in Vorago).The tattoo he holds on his nape is commonly known as the Key of Darkness, allowing him to use the power from the Vorago without fearing most of its awful compensations (including a corrupted soul).Tattoos in the Shredded Lands are usually linked to Ink Magic, steming from Oblivion (the Plane of Chaos), but the ritual Joachim had to go through can be considered as a dark ceremony with the chaotic means...
Actually his main outfit. After leaving Oniris to come to Rodinia, he didn't know what to do. He was alive, in a new country, but he had no goddess to worship anymore, no temple, no life. Xynmiz offered him to work for the guild so Reshka became one of its mercenaries. As a priest of Nephile, he learnt how to fight with different weapons and was also a member of the Nephileïm Militia of Twilight.The black sword is cursed and sealed: it is a memento left by Ereshkidal's father, its name is Aita.
The Last Nephileïm
I have a particular feeling for this character. When I wrote my first novel about Oniris, he already was a character in it. Not really important but already a priest and member of the Nephileim Council. But at this time... he was just a child, a real brat! :DWhen I decided to include Oniris territories in the Shredded Lands (but many years after the original story), I knew that I had to keep one of those Nephileims. But who ? At first I thought of my main Nephileim, a High Priest, son of the Goddess but it souds just weird... So I decided to keep Ereshkidal but as time passed, he also grewn up to become a seducing man.This is why I so love him, he is like my baby, the only character I've seen as a kid and an adult.He is really the key character of my story. When the team discovers him, everything seems solved. In fact, Ereshkidal is both the key of all enigmas and the one who is going to bring new questions...He is the last remaining Nephileim, a race from Oniris that has been totally exterminated. Though he has huge and terrifying powers, he always tries to avoid battles, he is a real diplomat (but sometimes a bit maladjusted). As a high priest of Goddess Nephile, he is both expert in healing and necromancy but he also knows how to use a sword. The drop point blade (inherited from his father) is presently sealed as it is a soul-eater.Concerning his name, I was looking for some mythological name with a strong reference to death and including a "k" so I obviously chose this one :) I know, Ereshkidal is a woman, so is Artemis after all (for all the Forgotten Realms' readers :giggle:)
Count of Ravenkranz
Joachim Marion Joshua is the 13th Count of Ravenkranz which once was a powerful family of Midgard. However years after years, the Ravenkrantz were doomed by fate. And Joachim is simply the one who has to bear the most awful curse as well as the most powerful. He inherited from Argast, the God of Darkness, an artefact called the "Key", which is tattoed on his nape but also a very very unfriendly comrade, slepping within his body: Azerakiel, the Mad Judge, son of Argast, a terrifying creature.Great power, great responsabilities... and great issues.But Joachim is not only a priest of Darkness and a nobleman. He also takes an important place in the story of the characters of the Shredded Lands... Most of all, Lune...(The background is inspired by the Palazzo Leonardi but... never, never, NEVER again something so difficult to draw! My eyes are bleeding T-T)
"When the Twilight appears, the Moon comes back to life"I don't even know where to begin to introduce it... Yes, "it"... Lune cannot be considered as something human... Let say it is closer to the perfect weapon. As you can see it, Lune is both kid, man and woman. This is inspired by how is depicted the Moon in many religions and beliefs: Hecate for exemple or the Wicca. For the Wiccan, there is a triple goddess because of the phases of the Moon: young girl, woman, old woman (considering that the fourth phase, the Dark Moon, is invisible: Lune also has this shape, it is its own shadow it can use... a bit oddly...). This is almost the same for Lune. It is male, female and asexual (as a kid, it is not possible to assert it's a girl or a boy). But this doesn't mean Lune turns to a shape to another with different memories: for it, telling "I'm a man" is just like you telling "I'm ill", it's a particular state and condition, lasting for hours, days or years.As I already told it, Lune is not human (neither Asura, nor vampire or anything else by the way), it's a unique creature, born from some eerie varen experiment: two twins were merged in the womb of their mother (it means Lune is her own brother and his own sister...), a single soul was implanted to the three shapes and two spirits were carefully chosen for a particular aim (as a kid, Lune has no spirit). Indeed, Lune's life is only devoted to one goal: its prey, a man it has been trained for years to kill. I think you can easily guess who is this man if I add that Lune's features had to be as close as possible to this prey...Though it looks like one, Lune is not an albino: it is true it has a very pale skin and white hair but trust me it also has a VERY good sight (it can even see in darkness) and not a lot of weakness. Its eyes are very recognizable: grey pupils, icy blue iris with a circle of red/magenta around the pupil. As it was trained to become a killing machine, Lune has also some impressive talents like reading on people's lips, being able to use any kind of weapons or spells, withstanding pain, famine and thirst, speaking many languages. However, it still has a kind of innocence and naivety, it doesn't know a lot of things about the world surrounding it...As a kid, Lune is the seal (used to contain the other shapes and regenerate them), it is not very talkative, mysterious, curious and mischevious, sweet and calm but sometimes close to an autistic person. Nevertheless, this is the most steady shape of its... One point: it loves to touch Eridan's hair... maybe because of some memories from one of its spirits...As a man, he is a real armourer's on two legs: he holds 2 curved shorts swords, 2 daggers, 2 elbow blades, 1 poignard (right boot), 1 misericorde (left boot), a set of throwing knives (left shoulder), 1 long sword, 1 stiletto (right glove) and a set on needles (left arm)... Yes, Lune as a man is REALLY dangerous (and even if weapons are funny to use, fists and feet are also useful)... Very clever and cultured, seducing, he loves killing people and seeing blood on his skin drives him into madness. This is the shape he uses the most in my story.As a woman, she is mad, crazy... Amazing sorceress, she only speaks singing and using verses... In this shape, she has had an affair with two of my OC...Lune can use any shape it needs, depending its mission. It perfectly knows which one suits the best the situation. There are some other interesting characteristics about this creature: as a man he is sterile, but as a woman she can be pregnant (and decides to stop her pregnancy or defer it); Lune also really really likes eating raw meat (and... not only of animals...), it likes cats (not to eat them!), any kind of cats (unfortunatly... big cats also...); for some months he has been trained within the Ghost Hand and met Sylven (this is by the way the begining of their mutual hate...)...By the way, Lune is not its true name: the Guard of the city it is living in gave it this nickname because of its appearance. The Varens who created it didn't even took the trouble to give it a proper name...Lune is a character I love, which means a lot of issues for it: its soul is a key, considering how "evil" was this souls and the spirits in its body, Lune was condemned to suffer a lot... Hope is a word it doesn't even know...
The Executionner with an angel face
Sylven...Half-elf... Assassin, criminal... Fiercely loyal... He embodies the "honor of bandits".He is wearing an "official" outfit here... and he has not been injuried despite the blood on his cheek. Sylven simply shed tears of blood, its one of its main characteristics.About his sword: its name is "Saruq", an Arabian name meaning "East, where the sun rises", which leads to "sirocco", the famous wind from Sahara. I chose this name because of its reference to both wind/Air and Sun/Light, since Sylven is both an Air and Light Elementalist.
Do you remember the little ice elemental called "Titine" who was summoned by Alsy ?Here she is... in her "complete" appearance... and she is far taller than him, this way ^^"Magic is not only a matter of spell and artifacts it is also linked to your self-confidence. Alosyus is very powerful... however he doesn't trust his own skills so there is an impact on his magic. This is why Atina doesn't appear as she would really do.But one day, she will reveal her true self to her lovely summoner...
Alosyus Alistair Athanasius
"Magic guides my whole life... but apple pies are my compass..."Here is Alosyus Alistair Athanasius, aka Alsy for short (or "Tummy" too in front of a bakery giggle), a talented young mage who appears at the very end of my story... or at its very beginning....He has an awful writing, his teachers always try to unload his homeworks to a colleague, but actually he is so intelligent they now, it will be almost perfect. He is specialized in ice magic and spirits calling (the little ice elemental is named Atina but he calls her Titine ^^') but is very interested in ALL kinds of magic. Nevertheless he is a real chatterbox, always stressed, doubtful about his skills (this is why he is always nibbling and got a little tummy :) ) However, Alsy has also his head on the clouds, only concentrating on magic, spells and pastry. This is why he can seem to be weak or clumsy, not really aware to the world surrounding him. For that matter he is almost deaf/blind on the right side after some troubles he had to get through.He is a kind-nature, despite his powers, he is someone very sweet, somehow naive, sute and lovely (this is why he loves a lot Izumi... who is a very good cook by the way). I love this little cute guy... this is why I'm planning many ordeals for him ^^'
So here is the cover of the first artbook for the Shredded Lands, a very important thing in the development of the whole project, which will add something "real".About the cover itself, let me introduce to you two very important characters of mine, though characters is very mean for them: they are the Demiurges of the Shredded Lands. On the left, here is Asherah, Goddess of Void and Nothingness, of everything which is not, will not be or is not anymore; on the right El, Ior, Aïon or any name suitable for him, Demiurge of Eterbnity and Infinite (who is more or less, my interpretation of God... meaning that you will NEVER see his face).As you can notice it, I played a lot with contrasts to show their differences and their own domains ^_^About the title (and the composition itself actually) well... I saw everything during a dream... Ok, quite strange, but this is the truth ^^;
"Fate is blind but I am very clearsighted..."Though you may have never seen his name in my work, Nyzernliev is one of the most important characters in my story.He is indeed the foe you'll love to hate, known as the Mad Slava, the Leader of the Scarlet Eyes.This also means many spoilers, so I won't be able to tell a lot of things about him >_
Why has our love to be so painful...
"How can love become a crime ? How sould we both be born, live and die in suffering and hatred ?"I had the idea of this picture (and the story behind it) just after drawing Urdryamnash's portrait. Somehow I was wondering why he looked so melancholic, sweet, even sad in this picture... And I realized that actually I didn't understand him... And I was not the only one... Urdryamnash is much more complex than expected. And he is sad because he is alone... since millenaries... he has fantastic powers, he is a god... but he has lost the most important and a regret is still haunting him...This woman was the only one able to make him cry, smile and even laugh but she is not there anymore. He loved her more than his own life, but now there's no more hope or any positive feeling within his heart. She was the only, unique and last woman he has ever loved...
My love for you still remains...
"I lost everything I had...My soul...My spirit...My body...Even my name...But my love for you still remains..."Urdrymanash's lover, I had to paint a counterpart portrait for her too.I won't tell anything about her, not even her name... So far she is one of my most spoiling OC of my world. Just one thing you may know: she is the one because of all this mess happened...
Who shall even remember my name...
"Your will released from the path of liarsYour freedom earned in the blood of innocentsAll the tears shed for the sake of your hopeBut at the end, who will even remember my name..."Urdryamnash, God of Chaos.I was in a mood for drawing him a bit more melancholic, something you're not really used to see with such crazy guy... Madness is sometimes the best guide through the path of truth.The poem at the beginning of the artist's comment... is the whole key to understand the Shredded Lands...
The priestess of Winds, Lady of Air and Courtesan of Whispers, Shana may seem carefree and selfish but..."Character from a side story of the Shredded Lands dedicated to elemental beings)
Last stand
It was said that Griever's demise wouldn't be peaceful... Last stand before the final strike and a truth he wasn't able to catch...
I'm just enjoying the view...
"Enjoying the view ? Really ?-So what ? Can't the God of Thieves simply enjoy the view over a wonderful city such as Wisewords ?-Oh please... What are you cooking up this time ?-Hey! Just relaxing, just looking at the city life...-Ah... Streetwalkers district... A good point of view for cleavages observation, he ?-Geez...-Feydrinn, you old perv', you're incorrigible..."I really enjoyed painting Feydrinn-Loki, God of Thieves, Swindlers, Rogues, Mischief, Ruse, Charlatans, Crooks (a nice guy isn't it ?:D). But he is always good-tempered, similing, enjoying life. He is maybe one of the most loved Gods in the Shredded Lands and one of the most approachable, living among his disciples, considering them as a true family. Err... concerning his clothes... I guess he is not always bare-chested (at least I hope!), let say it is summer and it's hot in Wisewords (Ok, I just wanted to paint a sexy man >_
"In the deepest nights, beyond your closed eyelids,Within the dark, through the shadows of day,Among your secret hopes and unspoken fears,We are always watching,Wandering into your nightmares.We are the Ishvari,We are the Dreamwalkers..."Couldn't resist to introduce to you Sapi, an Ishvar, a dreamwalker from my project "The Shredded Lands".The Ishvari all have red eyes, tanned skin and their hair can be either red, white, grey or black. They have the power to enter into people's dreams when they are aslept (however they cannot control a conscious mind like the Nephileïms). Usually they use this power only for their own meditation but they are also able to trap someone in their dreams, or even kill them. This particular magic allows them to create powerful summonings, using people from their own kind who decide to sacrifice themself to free their spirit and soul from their mortal body. Sapi's little brother, condemned by a terrible illness, chose to become one of those Awaken...
Tsuki no Yumi
It is an illustration I had in mind for ages. Because I love Lune and I love Japan and both subjetcs would perfectly match. Isn't she cute in this kimono ? First of all, sorry for the clichés, the cherry blossom, the lamps etc but I couldn't help...Presently, Lune is in Yamato, a far East empire of the Shredded Lands, a country she really loves for its culture and refinment... and most of all, the peace she found there.For her hairdo, I tried a mix between oiran's and maiko's, indeed, she decided to become one of those "ladies of arts", but beware, she is still holding some weapons. I tried to create a big contrast between the character and the background, playing with the colors scheme in order to focus on Lune; another trick was to draw her in a different scale and perspective. It may be a bit shocking at first sight but it was the effect I wanted to get. Just a little detail: the embroideries are silver, surronded by a redish glow: I wanted to get the same color scheme as her eyes.This drawing is very very very important for me and I'm pretty happy how it turned out :love:
The Devil
Design a Tarot card, Anima style.
The Emperor
Design a Tarot card, Anima style.
The Hanged Man
Design a Tarot card, Anima style.