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Democratizing games
The real Influencers for your games are the loyal players. Activate them easily through Grandyo!
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Connect games and players in a fun and creative way
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Game art
Game art portfolios.
Grandyo is the first demand-side competition platform for games to solicit influencer generated content, assets, and ideas. Activate your loyal players to create user-generated content through creative competitions. We help you to harness their passion and empower them. Your players are the best influencers you can have! 
What is Grandyo?
Grandyo is all about user-generated content created by loyal players. We offer a channel to communicate and collaborate with the players that want to spend time with your brand both online and offline. Only through conversation and collaboration can the developer and the gamer work seamlessly together to optimize the gaming experience and viral impact. That results in higher retention and new relevant players. Game on! Join Grandyo today.

Grandyo is also Grandyo Art, a unique showcase platform exclusively for game art, content and even HTML5 / WebGL game demos. - Upload your portfolio, connect seamlessly with Grandyo Challenges and other talented gamers, and new job and education opportunities.

Why Grandyo?
New user acquisition is getting more difficult and expensive. Games need to market through new channels. Your existing players know the best where you can find new loyal players who want to compete and show off their skills.
Grandyo opens a new channel to connect with them in an innovative, easy and fun way. You decide the level of reach, engagement, quality, and brand control.

We also believe that player insight and skills can form an essential part of successful game development and promotion in the future. 
» New landscape for games
Buzz created by loyal players is the most natural, affordable and trusted way of game advertising. Influencer marketing will never be rejected by ad blockers. 
» Reach
Vast player global communities, their profile and the engagement level is both a threat and an opportunity for games. Your real brand influencers is the key to enter these hidden communities. 

» Technology
Gaming technology is constantly evolving. Innovation, creativity and fresh ideas are needed.
» Games: the different entertainment channel
Gamers are passionate. Gamers are loud. Gamers are loyal. Empowering the gamers is a win-win. 

Gamers' voices:
“its all about the balancing, i would say. if the game designer or the advert company can find the bottom line of gamers' toleration, that all they have to do is to make sure they don’t cross that line, and everything else is fine.”

“If you can think of it (the game), you can make it (user-generated content) and let the world play with it.“

Content powered by Gamers.

» Connect with your players through creative challenges.

» Launch contests to solicit, acquire and monetize targeted content from your fans and audience. Interact with participants for quality control, engagement, and desired results.

» Win creative challenges with your fresh authentic ideas and talent. Create presence in your favorite games through content or even an advergame.


What's hot and what's not?

» Let target audience analyze the landing page of your game. Heatmaps are reliable, quick, viral, visual and actionable.

» Select custom colors for your heatmaps to create exciting and really cool looking images to be shared with fellow gamers!

» Create a heatmap portfolio on Grandyo and Pinterest boards with heatmapped images!
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The game-to-gamer blind date is over. By giving the gaming community a voice to talk with the games they love, everyone gets to live happily ever after.

— Markku Nummila. Founder & CEO of Grandyo.